Memories of Erik Blegvad

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Publicity shot of Erik in Crescent Mansions studio, London, late 60s. Note state-of-art equipage.  

Top - Erik’s impersonation of Stan Laurel wasn’t very convincing, but he identified with the celebrated comedian’s screen persona. 

Bottom - Late 60s, in the living room of their flat in Crescent Mansions on the Fulham Road (Blegvad HQ from 1965 to 2014). I think this was taken as publicity for Lenore’s show of papier maché sculptures (she called them ‘petrified quilts’) at the Angela Flowers Gallery. What a couple of groovy London swingers they were. 

Erik in his London studio, 2002
Photo by John Odam
John’s wife (and Lenore’s niece) Abby (who lived with Erik and Lenore in London in the 60s) says this:
   dearest uncle erik, i always felt such unconditional total love from you, while living there and the rest of my knowing you, i shall miss that, love, abby

From John and Abby Odam

A video snippet of Erik singing the praises of London, his adopted city (2002) here:
They also sent this photo of Erik at John Hochman’s wedding circa 1985:
Erik draws while Bo (N. M. Bodecker) observes. A scene set in the Westport studio they shared in the mid 60s.
New Year’s card - Erik and Lenore’s various domiciles are depicted (clockwise from top left): London, Roquebrune Village, Uzès, Vermont.
Cover of ‘Oddity Land’ (1956)
The statue of Hans Christian Andersen erected in Central Park, NYC, to commemorate his 150th birthday in 1956. Readings from Andersen’s work take place every summer, and sometime in the ’60s Erik was invited to perform this service. He drew a thinner crowd than this lady… 

Double-spreads from ‘Peter and the Troll Baby’ by Jan Wahl (1984)